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Self Care Momma Mixer & Brunch 


Trust Your Strength is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization dedicated to creating awareness of the mental support needed in the NICU and making a difference for families in need. Our vision is to encourage and strengthen Mommas of Miracles born prematurely and of medically fragile children. We will provide self-care packages, financial assistance, and support, while working to strengthen mothers through self-care events. 

Studies have suggested an estimate of 70 percent of moms whose babies spend time in the NICU may grapple with symptoms of depression, yet there are not good screening measures in place to help them.

Being a mother is not an easy task, but it is the most rewarding job you'll ever have! It is important to remind Mommas that self-care is important. Through our organization, we will provide the tools and support needed to better assist Mommas in building relationships that will allow them to lean on each other and acknowledge them for a job well done. 

We will provide catered lunches and dinners to local Atlanta hospitals, provide transportation assistance and acknowledge moms for having strength, courage, and sacrifice during some of their most difficult times. 

We will also host a Trust Your Strength fundraiser to support our mission. 

Mommas and Miracles was established from a woman's perspective in hopes to directly impact the Mommas who gave birth to Miracles. We understand fathers are also present on this journey and many of our initiatives will help to support the entire family

2020 NICU Holiday Self Care Package Delivered to

Children's Hospital of Atlanta Scottish Rite

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