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Watch The Self-Care & Charity Walk RECAP created by Sharp Creative Agency

 Thank you all for joining us early Saturday morning for a great cause. I've talked with many of you and heard so many great stories of overcoming the mental challenges, but rewarding victory of making it to the top of Stone Mountain. I'm so proud of each and everyone of you for not quitting and seeing it through to the end!

We all gained new STRENGTH that day, whether for yourself or for providing support to someone else. This is what Trust Your Strength is all about, providing a community of support, so no one feels alone during a tough journey.



Family Support 

Gas Card Initiative 

TRANSPORTATION ASSISTANCE. providing $25 Gas cards to families currently on a NICU Journey. Traveling to-and-from the hospital can be costly, as we hope to be able to provide some assistance and help limit some of the financial responsibilities while visiting their baby

Gas Cards.jpg

Breast Pump Giveaway


We will be donating a Brand new Madela Breast Pump to a mom in need. 

Breastfeeding is Important and necessary to provide the proper nutrients to a newborn baby. Not every mom is able to afford a breast pump so we hope

that with this donation, we can show a special mom that she is supported and not alone. 

Donation Packages 

We provide donation packages to the families in the NICU. It is common to feel alone during your NICU stay, therefore, we hope that providing these packages provide hope, encouragement & support. It is also a reminder to those special Mommas that our organization is here to help.

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