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Trust Your Strength Initiatives


       Your Support Will Help 

  • Financial Transportation Support

  • Catered Lunches & Dinners

  • Self Care Packages to Mommas

  • Contribute to Annual Trust Your Strength Fundraiser 

Trust Your Strength is a registered 501c3 and your donation is 100% tax deductible. No donation amount is too big or too small, as 100% of your donation will go toward providing hope, support and encouragement to families of Miracles

When giving birth to a Miracle, it comes with additional responsibilities. These families may be challenged with travel to-and-from the NICU and require more frequent doctor appointments due to raising a child that has additional needs. But with your contribution, we will be able to assist with transportation expenses by providing gas cards from our organization


Raising and caring for a Miracle also comes with sacrifice. Many times families are challenged with eating a balanced meal, as spending countless hours in the hospital prevents families from being able to eat healthy meals and as a result they often lack nutritional balance. But with your donation, we will be able to provide catered lunch and dinner to families of Miracles.


Annually, we will host a Trust Your Strength fundraiser, as we will acknowledge parents of Miracles who have selflessly sacrificed so much to care for their Miracles. We also provide self-care workshops for parents, assist in building long lasting relationships and create additional circles of support through networking.


Our founder, Alena Smith, is a Momma of two Miracles and knows firsthand the strength that it takes to pour into her children. With your support, you can help pour into other parents that need a helping hand and remind them that they do not only have to be strong for just their Miracle, but for themselves as well.



2022 Miracles Gala (NICU Fathers Panel Discussion 

2020 Miracle Mommas honored for their sacrifice and commitment to their families. 

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