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Alena Smith is the founder of Trust Your Strength. She established this organization after giving birth to her two premature sons Wendell & Charlie, causing her to journey through the NICU twice. This Momma knows first-hand the strength a mother must possess while caring for your baby in the NICU. She understands the support needed while Mommas embark on that journey, and what it means to raise a medically fragile child. Her mission is to help other Mommas and Miracles know that their strength is admirable, and to remind them they don't have to be strong alone. 

To promote self-care and provide support through continuous encouragement and hope to parents of Miracles that were born prematurely & medically fragile children.

Donate to Trust Your Strength, to help Mommas of Miracles. Your donations will contribute to self-care packages, financial support, meals, & transportation assistance to families in need. 

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Thank you for the self care package, It really means a lot as I'm praying my way through this experience and learning to take 20 mins for myself. I shed a tear when I looked through all of the items because I knew you understood what I'm going through

Thank you so much for sharing such amazing gifts to our NICU families at Wellstar Kennestone Hospital. The self care box came at such a timely time when during the holidays can be such a low time for them. Your precious words of encouragement and gifts of comfort were so special. Thank you so much! - . Nurse Manager

I want to thank you for everything you do for us, moms of preemies, some days I was feeling lost and broken and your story always gave me a hope. God is here, in you, in us. Just THANK YOU

I just found out my23 weeker will be going home Tuesday which will be 100 days in the NICU. She's gone from 1lb 4oz to 6 lbs 4oz. God is so awesome, Thank you for all you do for us NICU Mommas

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